Frequently asked questions:


What's the difference between the original thick and the two thin topping pizzas?

The thin topping has half the amount of meat on it. Think of it as putting the meat from one original thick topping pizza onto two crusts.

One thick 15inch Pepperoni cost $35.40, and two 15inch thin topping Pepperoni pizzas cost $44.35.

Whats the difference between the Big One and an original thick pizza?

The Big One is 7 pounds and an original thick T-Rex or Versato's Special is around 4.5 pound.

The main difference is that the Big One has more meat.

The Big One only comes in the styles of the T-Rex and Versato's Special.

Can I exchange a topping?

Yes, you can replace a vegetable for a different veggie topping or a meat for a different kind of meat topping.

For example: You can replace onions for green peppers, or pepperoni for beef, or cheddar for feta.